- Luthien -

Being seven stories of the First War
in which the Land of Azeroth fell to the Orcs.


Warcraft III Campaign
The w3n file must be placed in the Warcraft III\Campaigns\ directory.  Select Single Player, Custom Campaign to play.

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Map of Azeroth

From Warcraft I Manual


I. Brother of Northshire The Archbishop's young apprentice, Uther of Northshire, is sent to the town of Grand Hamlet to provide guidance to the people.
II. The Dead Mines Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Stormwind, has been lost for twenty months, held captive in the hellish Dead Mines.  Following orders from his master the Archbishop, Uther journeys into their depths in search of the great knight.

III. The Shadow in the Forest

Lothar returns to the battle against the Orcs with a vengeance, driving them from Elwynn Forest.  Yet a darker evil than Orcs lies in the woods...
IV. Defender of the Light
Lothar rides at last to Northshire Abbey, to return the Tome of Divinity to Archbishop Alonsus Faol.  When he arrives, he sees the Clerics of the Abbey being slaughtered by a treacherous human faction...
V. Faith and the Sword
Uther's watch on the village of Sunnyglade fails when the Orcs overrun the town.  Though Lothar arrives in time to help rescue the survivors, the experience changes Uther's destiny forever.
VI. The Last Guardian
To end the threat posed by the mad wizard, Lothar and Khadgar lead a daring raid on his Tower.
VII. Exodus

Lothar's efforts against the Orcs have been valiant, but in the end Azeroth is lost. Lothar is called upon to lead his people across the sea, in the hope that one day they might return to their homeland.


Heroes and Units

Anduin Lothar

The Lion of Stormwind

The greatest knight in the land, and leader of King Llane's armies against the Orcish invaders.

Storm Bolt, Thunderclap, Endurance Aura, Earthquake

Uther of Northshire

Servant of the Light

Before he took up the sword and became the first of the Paladins, Uther was a simple Cleric, a man of peace and faith.

Holy Light, Far Sight, Brilliance Aura, Resurrection


Court Conjurer

Former pupil of Medivh, Khadgar is now intent on finding a way to save Azeroth from the dark plans of his former master.

Summon Water Elemental, Brilliance Aura, Blizzard, Mass Teleport

Archbishop Alonsus Faol

Servant of the Light

Head of the Holy Order of Northshire, he serves as the spiritual father to the land.

Holy Light, Far Sight, Brilliance Aura, Resurrection


Priest of Quel'Thalas

In their grace, the High Elves of Silvermoon have sent an emissary to Northshire Abbey.  Aelir brought four great gifts to the Abbey
from his people, and is instructing the Clerics on the finer points of Elven healing.

Healing, Dispel Magic, Inner Fire

The Holy Sisters of Northshire travel throughout the kingdom, aiding the people with their healing powers.

Heal, Dispel Magic, Invisibility

Though the mysterious and secretive order of Azerothian spellcasters are protective of their knowledge, they will aid their fellow citizens in time of need.

Slow, Faerie Fire, Polymorph

Wielder of Shadows

These ancient Orcs are the highest members of the Shadow Council. Their command over the demonic powers is rivalled only by the demonic powers' command over them.

Death Coil, Sleep, Vampiric Aura, Animate Dead

The powers over death and decay given by the demons to the Orcs were bestowed on this corrupt order. Spreading death and disease wherever they go, they blend into the night itself.

Raise Dead, Cripple Curse, Disease Cloud, Shadow Meld

Lesser members of the Shadow Council, the warlocks wield demon magics that have corrupted their bodies and souls beyond measure.  When the Warlock is killed, Spiders will spring from the corpse.

Firebolt, Bloodlust, Unholy Frenzy, Bloodlust, Spawn Spiders