The Last Druid
- Luthien -


During the dark days of the Second War, the warlock Gul'dan led an invasion of Caer Darrow, home to the Order of Druids and site of their sacred Runestone. The orcs exterminated every last druid, and hewed their Rustone into pieces. Now, an echo of their power calls out, for the druids were sworn to protect the land, and the doom of Quel'Thalas draws nigh...


Features three extended cinematics, two extensive maps to explore, an underwater submap, exciting quests, challenging puzzles, memorable characters, and a rich storyline woven intricately into the history of Azeroth, from the banishment of the high elves to the fall of Silvermoon, and beyond. 


Characters and Places

Caer Darrow

  Erected when the high elves first settled Quel'Thalas, the six runestones served to strengthen the land, as well as disguise the powerful magic which radiated from their newly-formed Sunwell.  The five Lesser Runestones marked the southern borders of the elven woodlands, while far to the south, on a lonely isle in the middle of great Darrowmere Lake, stood the Great Runestone at Caer Darrow.  Built at a nexus of natural energies, the Runestones guarded the elven lands for millenia.

  The origins of the Druids of Caer Darrow are shrouded in the mists of history.  Unique among high elves, they did not draw magical energies from the Sunwell, but instead exercised only druidic nature powers.  The secrets they guarded so carefully through the ages are now lost, however.  During the Second War, the Warlock Gul'dan launched a raid on the island, breaking through the Alliance blockade and slaughtering the druids.  Their Runestone was pulled down and hewn apart, its magics twisted to form the vile Altars of Storms, from which the Ogre Magi were given their insidious powers.

  Though few elves ever visited the druids' island, even during the war when a small number of Rangers were stationed there, many fantastic stories were told about the creatures that dwelt there.  It was rumoured that creatures of the forgotten west, centaurs and wyverns, made their home on the Caer and the outlying islands.  Remarkably, these savage beasts were rumoured to be allies of the druids.  Even more fantastic are the stories told about the Darrow Guardian, an enormous oracle of rock, set in the mountainside.  It is said that the druids would sit and listen to the slow wisdom of the ancient giant for many hours.  Whether any of these creatures ever actually existed on Caer Darrow, or whether they remain today, is unknown. 


Aelir, Arch Priest of Silvermoon

Wise and humble, Aelir is one of the greatest healers in the land.  He has always used the high magic of the Sunwell to aid and comfort those in need, serving as an instructor to the clerics of Northshire during the First War, and as a battlefield cleric during the second.  Lately, he has been troubled by disturbing visions of the fall of Caer Darrow, and the slaughter of the druids the dwelt there.  He has journeyed back to Northshire, seeking the counsel of his old friend Alonsus Faol regarding these troubling dreams.


Captain Tera Whitewave of the Windwhisper

The Windwhisper has sailed the waters of Darrowmere Lake with Captain Whitewave at its helm since before the First War.  The elven destroyer received numerous commendations during the Second War, including the Blue Star of Kul Tiras, awarded by Admiral Proudmoore himself, following the Battle at Darrowmere.  Escorting Uther the Lightbringer to Caer Darrow, the ship had come under fire from the Alterac fleet led by Lord Adhenholde, commander of the traitorous Lord Perenolde's naval forces.  Occupied by this attack, they were unable to stop Gul'dan from reaching the Caer and overcoming its defenders.  After sending the Alterac fleet into the lake's frigid depths, Whitewave and Uther were able to rescue a handful survivors from Caer Darrow, but the Order of Druids had been extinguished.

Caer Darrow turned into a wasteland in the following years, forsaken by the elves after its desecration.  The centre of the lake was always unseasonably cold, and no human or elven ships ventured near the dark peaks of the isle.


Ranger Tamara Moonwane

Close confidante and loyal lieutenant to Ranger General Sylvanus Windrunner, Tamara Moonwane is among the most respected of the defenders of Silvermoon.  A skilled healer as well as a stealthy assassin, there is nothing she would not do for her mistress.


Lord Akkeroth of the Lower Reaches

One of the lesser eredar warlocks, Akkeroth is a favoured servant of Kil'jaeden the Deciever.  Akkeroth and his minions have become Kil'jaeden's expert scavengers, searching out the most powerful magics in a world that has fallen to the legion and perverting them to demonic purposes.  Incredibly powerful, the demon's only weakness may be his all-consuming obsession with plundering new artefacts and lore.



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