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Aelir, Arch Priest
What 1 My powers are at your service.
What 2 The Light guides me.
What 3 Is my aid required?
What 4 What needs to be done?
Yes 1 By the light.
Yes 2 It shall be done.
Yes 3 The Sunwell is my strength.
Yes 4 Of course.
Yes Attack 1 I will cleanse this land!
Yes Attack 2 For Quel'Thalas!
Yes Attack 3 Evil shall perish!
Pissed 1 What power draws me here?
Pissed 2 I have seen visions of this place.
Pissed 3 The ghosts of the Druids call out to me.
Pissed 4 Some power of the Runestone survives.
Aelir, Druid of Caer Darrow
What 1 The power of Caer Darrow is at your command.
What 2 Ishnu alah.
What 3 I heed the Prophet's call.
What 4 I must aid my people.
Yes 1 So shall it be.
Yes 2 It has begun.
Yes 3 By Cloudcaller, it shall be done.
Yes 4 With the strength of the Runestone.
Yes Attack 1 Tor'fallah nordor-ah!
Yes Attack 2 In the name of Cenarius!
Yes Attack 3 The defilers shall perish!
Pissed 1 I am the last of my order.
Pissed 2 The power of the Runestone lives in me.
Pissed 3 I have been granted the wisdom of the druids.
Pissed 4 The Order of Caer Darrow has served as the secret guardians of my people.
Pissed 5 Quel'Thalas is lost, just as Cenarius foretold.
Pissed 6 I must convince Kael to lead us across the sea.
Tamara Moonwane, Ranger
What 1 I have no time for games.
What 2 We must reach the Sunwell.
What 3 I feel so empty.
What 4 We shall prevail.
Yes 1 As you command.
Yes 2 We must proceed.
Yes 3 Absolutely
Yes 4 Onward.
Yes Attack 1 They shall not survive.
Yes Attack 2 For vengeance!
Yes Attack 3 For Silvermoon!
Pissed 1 I must contact Ranger General Windrunner.
Pissed 2 We have not heard from her runners in some time.
Pissed 3 She must be regrouping her forces in secret.
Pissed 4 I would give my life for Sylvanus.
Captain Tera Whitewave (for the Windwhisper Unit)
What 1 Captain on the bridge.
What 2 The Windwhisper is ready.
What 3 All hands standing by.
What 4 Welcome aboard.
Yes 1 Anchors aweigh.
Yes 2 Bring her about.
Yes 3 Underway.
Yes 4 We're on en route.
Yes Attack 1 Fire the forward cannon!
Yes Attack 2 All hands to battlestations!
Yes Attack 3 Fire at will!
Pissed 1 I've sailed Darrowmere for many years.
Pissed 2 I often used to visit the Druids on Caer Darrow.
Pissed 3 We escorted Uther Lightbringer there once, during the Second War.
Pissed 4 We did our best to stop Gul'dan's and his fleet, but it broke through our defences.
Pissed 5 This is the first time I've returned to Caer Darrow since its fall.
Pissed 6 Hurry up… move the thing!  And that other thing!  Move it!