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Characters Lines Description
Total 183
Aelir 42 Arch Priest of Silvermoon, then Druid of Caer Darrow.  Voice similar to Druid of the Talon.
Prince Kael 31 Based on War3.  Slightly more hope, and therefore slightly more desperation.
Tamara Moonwane 13 Elven Ranger defending Silvermoon.  Low, dusky voice.  Last line is as a Banshee.
Darrow Guardian 10 An ancient moutnain giant oracle.  Slow speaking and patient.  Ent-ish.
Tera Whitewave 10 The elven captain of the destroyer Windwhisper,.  Very self-assured, independent.
Cenarius 7 Based on War3.  Speaks with the weight of Prophecy.
Centaur Khan 7 Gruff centaur leader, prideful and dismissive.
Medivh 7 Based on War3.  He is again bringing the Warning, this time to the high elves.
Tichondrius 7 Based on War3.  Same haughty, disaffected pronouncements.
Watchspire Wyvern 6 Slightly menacing, proud wyvern leader.  Feral voice, fierce but honourable.
Alonsus Faol 5 Wise, aged Archbishop of Northshire
Arthas 5 Based on War3, possibly using some of the same sound files.
Makrura Tidal Lord 5 Leader of the Makrura sentient lobsters.  Simple, desperate for help and grateful to receive it.
Sylvanus Windrunner 5 Based on banshee: ghostly, enchanting.  Last line as Dark Ranger.
Kel'Thuzad 3 Based on War3, possibly using some of the same sound files.
Tyrande Whisperwind 3 Based on War3.  Haughty, condemning.
Aeleas Cloudcaller 2 Wise and humble Druid of the Talon, speaks with pity and concern for the high elves.
Furion Stormrage 2 Based on War3.  Saddened by recent events.
Ogre Mage 2 Two voices in eerie unison, à la Warcraft II.
Akkeroth the Desecrator 1 Chief Eredar Warlock.
Avelael the Flayer 1 Female Eredar, gleefully evil.
Centaur Outrunner 1 Brash centaur warrior.
Dath'remar Sunstrider 1 Angry leader of the high elf rebellion.  Utterly contemptuous of night elves.
Ickor the Plaguebringer 1 Vile accolyte charged with spreading the Blight.
Lord of the Drowned 1 Underwater Lich, formerly a Lord of Alterac.
Malagoth the Scribe 1 Cerebral Eredar Warlock.
Priestess 1 Based on War3 Soundset.
Spell Breaker 1 Based on War3 Soundset.
Volamor the Summoner 1 Bestial Eredar Warlock.
Xaraxas the Forger 1 Fiery Eredar Warlock.
Prologue Notes Text
Alonsus Faol (Concerned) Forgive me, friend, for disturbing your meditation.
Aelir (Troubled) I am not sorry you did, Alonsus. It serves no purpose of late, for I can find no peace.
Alonsus Faol The visions still persist, then?
Aelir It has been nearly twenty years since Gul'dan slaughtered the Druids and destroyed the Runestone. I do not know why I should now relive that desecration.
Alonsus Faol (Comforting) The damage to your land in the Second War was grievous indeed. It is not surprising that some scars linger. Rebuilding is a slow process, healing is even slower.
Aelir Northshire is rebuilt, your order refounded. But the Druids of Caer Darrow are dead, their secrets lost. Their Runestone is hewn and scattered, its power corrupted and twisted by foul magics.
Alonsus Faol And yet some power calls out to you from this place.  Perhaps you shall only find answers by journeying there.
Aelir (Slightly Bitter) Caer Darrow is a wasteland, forsaken by my people. Nothing remains there but death and corruption.
Alonsus Faol I was an old man half a lifetime ago when the orcs first appeared. Now, I am weary, and thankful that my tasks on this world are nearly finished. Yet I still possess the Sight, and some small amount of wisdom. Take my advice, Aelir. Go to Caer Darrow. It calls to you, and you must answer.
Act I
Tera Whitewave (Confident) The Windwhisper is the finest ship on Darrowmere.  We'll be ready for any trouble.
Tera Whitewave The last time we sailed this way was when we brought the Lightbringer to Caer Darrow during the Second War.  We were nearly destroyed when the traitorous Alterac navy ambushed us.
Tera Whitewave There are three outlying islands. The Watchspires are southwest of the Caer, and the Reef to the southeast. The Wold is due south.
Tera Whitewave You should first seek out the Guardian, if he still survives.  He dwells at the foot of Guardian's Mountain, on our right.
Tera Whitewave (Slight Awe) We've stayed away too long.  I'd forgotten the power of this place.
Aelir Ogre Magi.  I should have known they would be drawn here.  Their Altars were created from the shattered remnants of the Runestone.
Darrow Guardian (Warmly) Many seasons have passed since I was awoken by the sound of elf-steps, little child.  Ishnu-alah.  I am the Darrow Guardian. 
Aelir I am at your service, Guardian.  I confess I do not know precisely why I have come here.
Darrow Guardian You come because you have heard the Call.  I knew you would.  The Runestone was lost long ago, yet fragments of it survive.  Their power remains strong enough to draw you here.  You must collect them: Forest, Storms, Winds.  Here is the piece I hold.
Aelir I sense great power about it; yet it is very different from the high magics I wield.
Darrow Guardian (Darkly) It is the same power that once flowed throughout the land, when the Runestone stood on the tor.  A dark temple is there now, troubling the earth.  The fallen druids, guardians of the land, call out for the place to be cleansed.  No, do not think you alone can defeat the Magi there.
Aelir My people have spent years hunting down the Ogre Magi for their desecration of the Runestone.  If there is a way to destroy their temple, I will find it.
Aelir These other Runestone fragments... how shall I find them?
Darrow Guardian Hmm… Patience, patience.  Wait and listen, I will remember…
Darrow Guardian The Rune of Winds is kept on the Watchspires.  Elf-steps will not take you there, only wings.  Use the treasure held by the children of Malygos to hide your scout from harm.
Darrow Guardian The Rune of the Forest is guarded by the enemies of the Magi.  They will be your enemies too, unless you earn their respect.  Strength they respect, and death.
Darrow Guardian The Rune of Storms is lost beneath the waves.  You cannot follow the currents down, send another more suited to the element.
Darrow Guardian The Dark Magi are strong with the corrupted power of the Runestone.  Stay away from their village.
Darrow Guardian Dark magics corrupt where the Runestone stood.  Cleanse the grove, when you have help.
Darrow Guardian Beneath the tor lies a door.  It opened for the Raven.  It will open for you.  Will you go through?
Ogre Mage Elf dares come here?  Tear him limb from limb!
Centaur Outrunner You there, elf!  I saw you speaking to the Guardian.  You must be a Druid!  The Khan will want to hear of this.
Centaur Khan We do not harm you, Druid, only because the Peace-oath still binds us.
Aelir I am not a Druid. They were all slaughtered when the orcs invaded here years ago. I have come to discover whether anything of their power has survived.
Centaur Khan (Contempt) We had peace with the druids. When the invaders came, the druids were weak. They fell. Their Druid-Stone made the Magi strong. Now we stand alone against the Magi.
Aelir (Haughty Anger) The elves here were slaughtered, and you insult them! How dare you! They had powers you cannot begin to comprehend!
Centaur Khan They were weak, and you are weak. We fight the Magi. We do not have time for you. Leave us.
Centaur Khan Hmmph… You have killed a few Magi.  A colt could do so.
Centaur Khan So, you fare better against the Magi than the druids did, at least.
Centaur Khan Very well. You have proven your strength, elf. We will fight with you against the Magi.
Aelir The Ogre Magi get their power from the Altar of Storms that stands where the Runestone once was.  If you destroy it, you will weaken them.
Centaur Khan (Grudgingly Approving) Yes, I remember now. The Druids were weak, but wise. Take this. It was of the Druid-Stone. We do not want it.
Ogre Mage Kill him!  The elf has come to destroy the Altar of Storms!  
Aelir (Somberly) In the name of the fallen Druids of Caer Darrow, I cleanse this place.
Tera Whitewave There's nowhere to land on the Watchspires.  Our hawk, Borealis,  can scout it out for you, if the wyverns allow him to. can scout it out for you, if the wyverns allow them to.
Watchspire Wyvern (Cautiously) We have been watching you, stranger.  Greetings.
Aelir I am Aelir, a Priest of Quel'Thalas.  I have come to learn what I can of the druids who once lived here.
Watchspire Wyvern (Cryptically) The Raven told us you would come, elf-priest. He said to give you the Rune of Winds.  The pride was angry when he said that.
Watchspire Wyvern Long have we kept the watch here.  Now the Raven says we must leave.
Watchspire Wyvern (Taunting) We would not obey, but he spoke in the old tongue, and we are bound.  When we have given you the Rune, we must leave.  So come and get it.  It awaits you on The Watchspires.
Watchspire Wyvern The hawk seeks to reclaim the Rune.  Destroy him!
Watchspire Wyvern (Graciously) Well flown, little hawk.  Our watch is ended.  Farewell, elf-priest.
Tera Whitewave (Confident) Looks like some trolls have moved down from Zul'aman.  Nothing we can't handle.
Aelir (Hint, hint…) The currents here are strong.  If I lost my footing, they would pull me under.
Tera Whitewave We're under attack!  It looks like the Makrura want their Sky-stone back.
Makrura Tidal Lord (Happy) Greetings, Surface-magic! Aid us!
Makrura Tidal Lord (Ardently) The darkness in the depths has awakened.  We have lost the Temple! They have stolen our Sky-stone!  Fight with us!
Makrura Tidal Lord (Content) Temple ours again. Sky-Rock ours again.
Makrura Tidal Lord Many thanks, Surface-Magic. Choose treasure for reward.
Makrura Tidal Lord (Anger) Thief! The Sky-stone is ours, not yours!  Enemy of the Freshwater!
Lord of the Drowned (Calculated evil) This is a creature of elf magic!  Our old enemies return to claim the Rune of Storms.  Kill it, in the name of the Alterac Drowned!
Aelir (Hint, hint…) I sense a dormant power about these statutes.  They are waiting for something...
Medivh Greetings, Arch Priest.  I knew you would answer the call.
Aelir (Shock) Medivh! How can this be?  How is it that you have returned?
Medivh You were a member of the Order, Aelir. You know there is little the power of Tirisfal can not accomplish. Yes; be assured that it is Tirisfal, and not the Legion, that I now serve.
Aelir (Slightly bitter) We shall see, Guardian. If you do serve the Light once again, answer me: why have you brought me here? To collect tokens of a dead order?
Medivh You shall have your answer, Aelir. Behold, a vision of ages past, in the lands of the distant west. Watch, old friend, and learn.
Furion Stormrage (Somber, regretful) Heavy are the hearts of all the kaldorei on this day, brothers and sisters. Old wounds have been reopened, and this time, there is no healing which will mend them.
Tyrande Whisperwind (Pronouncing judgment, haughtily) Traitors to Elune, hear me. Against the Goddess’ will, you have taken up demon magicks. In an act most base and treacherous, you have unleashed a tempest of foul corruption against the sacred woods of Mount Hyjal, against the innocent creatures which dwell here, and against us, your brethren.
Tyrande Whisperwind For this crime, there can be no reparation. No forgiveness. The High-Borne are hereby banished forever from the lands of Kalimdor.
Dath'remar Sunstrider (Contemptuous) We welcome freedom from your tyranny, pathetic slaves of weak gods. Remain bound in your ignorant superstitions and fears while we gain more power than you could ever dream!
Furion Stormrage Go then, Quel’dorei. It is finished. I hereby sever you forever from the powers of Nordrassil.
Aeleas Cloudcaller (Somewhat timidly) Your pardon, Shan'do Stormrage.  My heart grieves to see the damage the Quel'dorei have done to our sacred forests.  I fear they will cause more sorrow across the sea.
Aeleas Cloudcaller With your leave, I shall willingly join them in exile, to watch over the lands where they shall settle, and bring to them the wisdom of the druids, should they ever turn from their prideful ways.
Tyrande Whisperwind (Haughtily) Your pity is misplaced. We are well rid of them, at long last.
Cenarius (Voice of Prophecy) Hold, Tyrande. I sense great promise in this selfless offer. Yes, Aeleas, you shall follow them, and watch over them. Though you shall be severed from the World Tree, I will do what is in my powers to aid you in your long vigil.
Cenarius When the High-borne have chosen a land to settle across the sea, seek out a place where the powers of the earth are strong. There you shall raise a Runestone to strengthen the spirits of the land. While it stands, the damage caused by the Quel’Dorei’s magic will be healed.
Cenarius You shall impart your secret trust to those of the High-borne who are drawn to the power of the Runestone, and instruct them in druidic lore, founding an order to continue your guardianship of the lands.
Cenarius I shall send with you the strength of the wild creatures of Kalimdor, bound to serve you by a Peace-oath.
Cenarius (Darkly) One final word, my son. I see a time, ages from now, when wielding magic will lead the High-borne into utter ruin. The vanguard of the Legion will again sweep through their land, corrupting all.
Cenarius On that day, tell them that their banishment is ended. If they will at last renounce magic and return to us, they may be saved. Otherwise, they shall be forever doomed to the corruption of the Legion.
Cenarius  Go now, Aeleas, and may your watch never fail.
Medivh (Ardently) You, Aelir, are the last to answer the call of the Runestone. Only you can embrace the powers and sacred charge of the Druids of Caer Darrow, and fulfill the prophecy of Cenarius.
Medivh Even as we speak, a scourge of death sweeps towards Silvermoon. They will raze your city and corrupt your Sunwell. I have seen it.
Medivh There is but one chance for the High Elves. You must sever your connection to the Sunwell and take up the druidic powers that remain in this place. Journey to Silvermoon, and rally the remnants of your people.
Medivh Lead them across the sea. The kaldorei shall await you there, as shall I.
Act II
Prince Kael (Desperate) The sky itself runs red with the blood of my people.  I must reach the city gates.
Tamara Moonwane (Warning) Greetings, Prince Kael.   I fear your return comes too late.  The undead have bypassed the main gates of Silvermoon and are marching on the Sunwell.  
Tamara Moonwane We have had no word from Ranger General Windrunner's forces for some time.
Prince Kael (Rallying) Do not lose faith in the strength of the elves, Moonwane.  We will rally any who yet live to our side.  We shall cleanse these vile undead and restore our lands!
Arthas (From War3) Citizens of Silvermoon!  I have given you ample opportunities to surrender, but you have stubbornly refused!  Know that today, your entire race and your ancient heritage will end!  Death itself has come to claim the high home of the elves!
Arthas (From War3) Now arise, Kel'Thuzad, and serve the Lich King once again!
Kel'Thuzad (From War3) I am reborn, as promised!  The Lich King has granted me eternal life!
Arthas (From War3) I've upheld my end of the bargain, lich.  Are you ready to tell me about the dreadlords now?
Kel'Thuzad (From War3) Certainly.  But not here.  They have eyes and ears everywhere.  We'll talk where it's safe.
Tichondrius (Amused) Eyes and ears everywhere, indeed.  Welcome back, Kel'Thuzad.
Arthas (Feigning Subservience) Lord Tichondrius.  The Sunwell is ours, and the city of Silvermoon lies defenceless before us.  On my order, our undead forces will take the city.
Tichondrius (Dismissively) That will not be necessary.  Withdraw your forces from the area, and return to Lordaeron.  You will recieve further orders in due time.
Arthas (Angry) Is he joking?  The city of Silvermoon...
Kel'Thuzad (Calculating) a prize too valuable for our demon masters to allow us to claim.  But no matter.  We must bide our time.  Come, Prince.
Tichondrius Welcome to Quel'Thalas, demons of the lower reaches.  Kil'jaeden has granted you five the right to plunder the great magics of this ancient city.  Lord Akkeroth, Silvermoon is yours.
Tamara Moonwane What has happened?  I feel empty... weak.
Prince Kael Do you not sense it? This Scourge's rituals have corrupted the Sunwell.  We must reclaim it immediately, or we shall be powerless.
Prince Kael Follow me, my Quel'dorei brethren.  Arthas shall pay for his treachery!
Tamara Moonwane This tree is diseased.  It's about to…fall
Prince Kael This was Shadefallow Grove.  They will pay for this desecration.
Tamara Moonwane (Hopefully) This tree still stands uncorrupted.  The power of the elves is resisting the undead.
Ickor the Plaguebringer Meddlesome elves!  You cannot stop the blight from consuming these forests!
Prince Kael Shindu fallah Na! Fall back to the guard tower!
Tamara Moonwane The way is blocked.  We must follow the river north.
Tamara Moonwane They've set up a force wall.  It must be drawing energy from a magical power generator nearby.
Tamara Moonwane The magical barrier is preventing me from reaching the other side.  We must destroy the generator maintaining the wall.
Priestess Prince Kael!  Help me!  I am trapped- the undead have captured the exit gate of the Temple.
Tamara Moonwane That archer bears Windrunner's colours!  I shall follow her.
Sylvanus Windrunner (Ghostly, calling) Tamara...
Tamara Moonwane Sylvanus?  My lady, Prince Kael has returned!  We must combine our forces to retake the city!
Sylvanus Windrunner (Ensnaring) Yes, my sister.  Come to me.
Sylvanus Windrunner (Melodically) Do you remember the time before the wars, when we hunted in the greenwood under the stars?
Tamara Moonwane (Distraught) My lady, where are you?  Why do you speak of such things now?
Tamara Moonwane (Horrified) Sylvanus!  Oh…  by the light… how can they have done this to you?
Sylvanus Windrunner (Threatening) Prepare yourself, my Tamara, and see.
Tamara Moonwane (Banshee) I will always serve you, my lady.
Sylvanus Windrunner (Dark Ranger) Come, my sisters.  There is work to be done.
Aelir At last, she is leaving.  I can attempt an escape.
Prince Kael (Puzzled) Greetings... druid? Aelir, what do you mean by dressing in this manner?
Aelir Prince Kael. I assure you, I mean no disrespect for the fallen Order of Caer Darrow, indeed, I bear a message from them...
Prince Kael (Dismissively) I have no time for this.  We move north to recapture the Sunwell.  You shall aid us.
Aelir (Desperate) No, my Prince, that we must not do.  The Guardian Medivh has returned: he foretold that this land would be lost.  This Scourge heralds the Legion's return and we cannot hope to stand against them alone.
Prince Kael Medivh!  And you trusted his word?  He is clearly still the pawn of Sargeras, seeking to trick us into abandoning our lands!
Aelir (with weight of Prophecy) Hear me, Prince.  Long ago, the demigod Cenarius foretold of this day.  Long has the Order of Caer Darrow kept Quel'Thalas safe from the effects of the magic we wield.  Now it can do so no longer.  We must return to Kalimdor, across the sea, and rejoin with our brethren...
Prince Kael (Contemptuous) I don't have time for this nonsense.  You disgrace the slain druids by speaking words of cowardice and deceit in their name! You will stand and fight, as will every one of the High Borne.
Prince Kael We shall never surrender our home or the source of our powers!  Nor shall we go grovelling back to those who banished us!
Aelir (Aside) He will persist in this against all reason.  I must join with him, and speak again when this futile endeavour fails.
Prince Kael At last, the Sunwell!  We can replenish our powers.
Aelir (Warning) No, Prince Kael!  The well has been corrupted by the agents of the Legion! It radiates demonic magics!
Prince Kael You are among the greatest of our loremasters, Aelir. What must we do?
Aelir Leave here, and cross the Great Sea. All other roads lead to our doom.  I cannot undo this damage.  The Sunwell has been corrupted beyond redemption.
Aelir (Urgently) Some lesser Eredar warlocks have entered the world here recently.  We should leave, quickly!
Prince Kael (Thinking) Eredar... we cannot hope to defeat such a foe in our current state.
Aelir Defeat them?  My Prince, you speak madness.  They would be more than a match for you at your best.  As you are now, robbed of your magic, you cannot stand against them.
Prince Kael (Darkly, Decisively) Then we shall take what magics we can.  Let all who loved this land draw upon the power of the Sunwell, corrupted though it may be, that we may seek vengeance for the blood of our fallen brothers and sisters.
Prince Kael There is an outpost north of here.  We will use it as our base of operations to retake the city.
Prince Kael This way gate isn't functioning.  We need to reactivate the gate just outside Silvermoon.
Malagoth the Scribe Stay out of here, elf-prince.  The Great Library is mine now.
Spell Breaker Greetings, Prince Kael.  We have been studying ways to counter the magic of these demons.
Aelir (Riddle Answer) It was Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Stormwind, who led the survivors of Stormwind to Lordaeron.
Prince Kael (Riddle Answer) It was Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Stormwind, who led the survivors of Stormwind to Lordaeron.
Aelir (Riddle Answer) The answer must be Ysera the Dreamer.
Prince Kael (Riddle Answer) The answer must be Ysera the Dreamer.
Aelir (Riddle Answer) The noble Ranger General Alleria, who was lost on the red world of Draenor.
Prince Kael (Riddle Answer) The noble Ranger General Alleria, who was lost on the red world of Draenor.
Aelir (Riddle Answer) That treacherous dog was Lord Perenolde of Alterac.
Prince Kael (Riddle Answer) That treacherous dog was Lord Perenolde of Alterac.
Aelir (Riddle Answer) That describes the White Lady, for whom Silvermoon was named.
Prince Kael (Riddle Answer) That describes the White Lady, for whom Silvermoon was named.
Aelir (Riddle Answer) The Knights of the Silver Hand is the name of the paladins' order.
Prince Kael (Riddle Answer) The Knights of the Silver Hand is the name of the paladins' order.
Aelir (Riddle Answer) The answer must be the Holy Oak, the tree sacred to the clerics of Northshire.
Prince Kael (Riddle Answer) The answer must be the Holy Oak, the tree sacred to the clerics of Northshire.
Aelir (Riddle Answer) That describes the Moutains of Northeron, home to the wild gryphons and Wildhammer Dwarves.
Prince Kael (Riddle Answer) That describes the Moutains of Northeron, home to the wild gryphons and Wildhammer Dwarves.
Xaraxas the Forger You cannot stop us!  Our fire consumes even the stone of the city's walls!
Prince Kael The spectral bridges that cross to the gardens aren't functioning.  We need to find a mana battery to recharge them.
Volamor the Summoner The elves return?  They shall regret challenging me!
Avelael the Flayer You're too late to rescue your precious Dragonhawks.  We have already scoured these aeries clean.
Akkeroth the Desecrator You think you can retake this city?  Come, prince, and face Akkeroth the Desecrator.
Prince Kael (Pessimistically) The city is ours again, such as it is.  But without the full power of the Sunwell, I do not know how we will be able to hold out against this Scourge.
Tichondrius (Haughty) Well, Prince Kael.  You have proved rather inconvenient.  I did not expect to be called back here so soon.  I congratulate you on your effort.  Lord Kil'jaeden will be most displeased with the failure of his servants.
Prince Kael (Threatening) Leave this place, demon, or meet the same fate as Akkeroth and his minions.
Tichondrius (Mildly Amused) You don't think you've won, do?  So you have slain some overconfident Eredar who were too distracted with plundering your city to oppose you.  You have achieved nothing.
Tichondrius (Getting Down to Business) Still, my master Kil'jaden is intrigued by recent developments.  He believes that you may, in time, prove most useful in the service of the Legion.
Tichondrius (Dismissively) As for now, you have caused a minor inconvenience here.  Go cause trouble somewhere else for a while.
Prince Kael (Defeated) There are too many... fall back.  Fall back to the shore!
Tera Whitewave We set sail from Darrowmere as soon as word of invasion reached us.  I am sorry we were too late to aid in the defence.
Prince Kael (Despondent) There was nothing to be done... nothing to be saved.  We have lost everything.
Aelir (Ardently) This land is dying, my prince.  Our people grow weaker each day.  Soon, our hunger for magic will consume us.
Aelir The prophecy of Cenarius has come to pass.  Our people shall be doomed unless we now return to the forgotten west.  Our banishment is ended, if give up the use of magic and accept this mercy.
Prince Kael (Darkly) You are a fool, Aelir.  We will never surrunder the magic we wield.  If the Sunwell is lost, we shall seek another source.  We shall never return to Kalimdor.
Aelir (Despondent) I have failed.  What will become of our people now?
Tera Whitewave (Reassuring) Do not lose hope, Aelir.  Come, the Windwhisper awaits.
Aelir (Voice over - wisdom and hope) Our ancient forest has been consumed by the Scourge.  Those of my people that survive have chosen the path of blood.  Yet a voice on the wind whispers that all is not lost.
Aelir We have sought the counsel of the wise.  Whatever their sins, we shall not abandon our people.  The Order of Caer Darrow lives on in us.
Aelir We shall continue Cloudcaller's vigil...
Aelir Wherever it leads us.